Pop Bottle Rocket

The pop bottle rocket was a project that I did with my partner at school. My partner was a Merrick, a common person that comments on my blog and goes to my school. But anway, we designed the pop bottle rocket very precise. We made 3 wings and put them on the rocket. Next we put the cone on. The secrect of having your rocket go higher is have much weight on the cone.

My partner and I put A LOT of tape on the cone so it would be heavy. The first day we lauched it was ok. The 2nd day we had time to repair our rocket. We put more tape on the cone and made it really heavy. The next day we launched it went great.

I thought that it was a great experience and was a lot of fun. All you need is an empty pop bottle rocket, some paper, water , and a pressurizer and then your set to go. I hope you have a lot of fun making it. Good luck! 🙂

Trever and Merrick


The Wii is a pretty fun game. It’s fun how you use the controller to move around and you move around if it’s a hard game. My favorite wii game is Mario Cart wii. It’s very fun game. My favorite char for the game is the Mii and my favorite cart is the blue bullet Bill! I like going on 1 wheel and riding. I really dont like the carts. Do you guys like playing the game and whats your favorite cart and char?

Video Games

I love to play video games these days! I usually play on the computer. My favorite game is called worldofwarcraft. But I still play the Wii sometimes. On the computer I usually play with my friends, it’s a lot of fun.


lego robotHey guys I would like to tell you about my project lego mindstorms. It was a lot of fun!

 My partner and I made our robot move, change gears, detect objects in front of it and stop on it’s own. If you like playing around and programing softwear this is a good job for you!

 If I could change something I would want to modify my robot. Some challenges were programing the robot. I learned how to program robots from the computer.